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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

BG (baby girl) needs a dresser... What would you do??

Good Evening - This is my first blog posting and I am very happy to say it has to do with my first child! I would like to start by addressing our dresser dilemma.  We had been everywhere:  Babies-R-Us, Land of Nord, some other Chicago store by the nord all I can remember is $1500 for a crib,  Buy Buy baby, and countless craigslist postings.  The crib came to us via the enternet but we still needed a dresser.  Then one Saturday after the gym we stumbled on an old wooden dresser right there on the sidewalk.  Dime piece spotted it and b-lined straight to it.  This sidewalk just happens to be on the north side of Chicago and these antique/furniture stores are usually priced way way way to high.  In she goes to find out how much it is?  Next thing I know its ours for $80 and I gotta clean out Sliver Thunder so we can bring it home... 
Hi- I need a face lift...

Keep in mind its the middle of winter in Chicago.  We have an old beat up dresser for our daughters nursery that needs sanded and painted...  We had a break in the cold a few days before the Blizzard of 2011 and I dragged it out on our deck.  

All sanded down and ready for a paint job...

I have to say my Wife has a good eye.  At this point its lookin good no more scratches or dings.  All it needs is some paint!  
Finished Dresser!

  Now how did we get here??  My wonderful wife had a good eye and this time it wasn't the most expensive dresser there!  Wifeys parents got me a bomb Dewalt sander for x-mas that made sanding simple.  Ten bucks for some low odor zero v.o.c. satin paint and a little effort.  I think it looks great and the best part is I helped this dresser help us get ready for BG!!  The thought of her makes me the happiest man alive!

$80 Dresser
$10 paint
My hourly rate $150.00 @ 3 hours = $450
$540 total not too bad

Thats what we did!!