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Random Pics - Funny, cool or WTF

While driving around I spot this car filled with all kinds of crap - WTF

While taking out the trash I see this urban critter taking a ear of corn from the dumpster...

Yes, that's a fridge in the trunk of that cab.  Pic taken downtown Chicago.  Now that's how you roll into a B.Y.O.B. restaurant!

Are you really a bad ass white boy??  I was thinking you might just be a grandma that's into mud runnin!

Got myself into a crazy race the other morning heading to work.  I don't care what my wife says I clearly won!

Hmmm... Bigger truck or smaller boat?

Now that is a cool van! 

Under this Chitown bridge was a PBR drinking troll.

Let's be honest Abe, are you giving me a fair deal...

Yes my mirror is dirty but look close...  That is the skyscraper formally known as the Sears Tower.

I am pretty sure I went to high school with that dude!