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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Morels oh my oh my...

Good Evening - I hope this finds you well.  Happy Mothers day to all the moms in da world!  I would like to thank my mom and my wife for being awesome mothers and I appreciate all that they have done and continue to do!  This is gonna be quick almost as quick as these treats go from being cooked to belly.  Morels oh Morels how amazing you are.  It's not often that we get the opportunity to enjoy such lovely treats but this year we did and I want to share.  Not share as in give you any but share as in show you ours...

My mom delivered the stash, take a peek:

Here's what has always amazed me about Morels!  They grow out the woods but only grow when its a certain temperature and when there is a certain level of humidity and under dead elm trees its almost like trying to find big foot...  I have never been successful hunting Morels but I would seriously think about hunting whomever is successful hunting them :)  Here is what you need for this exotic trip to the woods of central Ohio.

Skillet - cast iron if you have it, if not think about getting one they are wonderful.

Heat your skillet over med high heat and melt your butter.  The mushrooms were delivered soaking in salt water (good looking out Mom!) which pulls out all the hidden soil.  After a quick rinse and pat down they are tossed in a flour, salt and pepper mixture.

Hot Butter + Morels = I will fight you for them...

At this point I'm totally considering telling my wife that they have been burnt or stolen so I can eat them all!

You can use any dipping sauce that you like but that would be like having a 40 dollar strip steak cooked well done!  Straight to the face with these lovely morsels we call morels!  Stay hungry my friends.