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Friday, April 22, 2011

The battle of the closet... part 1

Good day.  You might not have heard yet but we are havin a baby!  Keep in mind that we live in a 2 bedroom condo with little closet space.  It is totally more than what we had before and if it were just us we would still have plenty.   My closet space resides in the spare bedroom/office that has been flipped into a beautiful nursery for BG.  As the baby clothing started flowin in I noticed a scary thing happening...  My closet was quickly being overtaken by these tiny articles of clothing.  Whats a guy to do? 
1. I could give in and split my closet space.  Which would eventually lead to a total loss!
2. Buy something from Ikea or some other joint that we could use to hang BGs clothing.
3. Buy something old and give it a facelift.
4. Make something custom?

This is a battle so number one was never a thought!  IKEA and those other joints are good for somethings but we have some space issues and generally they suck.  Would have been really nice to find something to upcycle but it just wasnt ment to be.  Time to make something custom...  This should be fun! 

I went to the local harware store (Menards) after taking some measurments and returned with this.
1. Two 2x12s four foot tall
2. One 2x12 34 inches long
3. One 8 foot wooden rod
4. Two wooden brackets to hang rods.
5. Some inch and a half screws
6. L brackets to fortify my creation

As you can see this is not rocket science...  Its wood science!  Screwed it together and reinforced it with "L" brackets.  Larry the level checked it and its all square.

Stay tuned...  The painters only work till 2 then they go drinking!

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