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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Cool Whips!

I find you this day Sunday the 15th of May thinkin about cool whips! (fyi whip is slang for car)  While driving around town I have been able to capture some of these cool whips.  This series has a theme: The PT Cruiser...  I can't tell you when this fascination started but it may have been when one of my good buds told me he might buy one.  That's when I first thought of what it might be like to Cruise around in one.  I still to this day chuckle to myself when I see one and understand that this cool whip is the only car that I love but would never ever own!  It takes a special kind of driver to handle all those horses.  Check the pics and pick your favorite.
 Is that pine or plastic?  Who cares its gangsta!

Lucky find here candy paint job...
Look at that backside!!!
One hell of a sandwich via one hell of a whip! atta boy Al!
Another company another beauty...
Look close!  I just stopped to snap the sport bra on this lady and caught another one cruising by...  Very rare double PT shot!! 

It makes me sad thinkin that they don't make these whips anymore!  You will still see them on the streets but for how long??  Thank you PT Cruiser for bringing a little joy to my life.  Keep on cruzing...

Got cool pics of cool whips?


  1. heeelarious. i want a convertible!

  2. PT Cruisers are pimp!