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Thursday, August 18, 2011


It had been several months since the CODFATHER had joined us for dinner.  Didn't even realize how much he had been missed!  I can read your mind right now.  Who is this Codfather and how can I meet him?  He is a baked cod dish that is dye-no-mite and very easy to make.  Toss in super easy clean up and we have a winner weeknight meal here!  If you don't give this recipe a try you are just foolish!  I am not kidding you HAVE to try this.  What will one need:
Cod Fish -  8 oz a person or more
Mayo -  we use canola, it's good for you
lemons - 2
crackers - hand full
Parmesan - freshly grated
parsley - half a hand full chopped
crushed red pepper - cayenne

That there is a baking dish lined with foil.  The key to easy clean up!  Give it a quick spray with some cooking oil and place the fish skin side down.  Get yourself a bowl and throw a couple big globs of mayo in it.  Juice half a lemon in the mayo and give it a quick mix.  Next season the mayo mix with salt, pepper and cayenne.  We like it with a bit of heat at the end so I look for a nice red tint to the mix.  See pic below.  I tend to go by look and taste over measurements...

I then use my basting brush to coat the Cod with the spicy lemon mayo mix.

Now we take them crackers and crush them in a bowl.  Add some grated parmesan and chopped parsley then top the Cod.

Your oven needs to be preheated to 425.  I cook the Codfather for about 20 mins.  Cooking time will depend on how thick your cod is.  I sometimes use the ole fork test to see if the fish is done.  When a fork easily drops through the fillet its done in my book! 
Introducing for the first time here on the enternet....  The CODFATHER!!!!!

We went really light for this dinner and just served with a salad but we often have broccoli and rice as sides.  Also, not yo mammas brussel sprouts are a nice sidekick to the CodFather.  I will have to show the how-to on the sprouts soon...  One more look at the CodFather!

  FYI, wine and beer pair really really well with this dish!  Enjoy

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