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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Lost Food Pictures

I hope this finds you fancy!  It is a wonderful Independence day here at the homestead and I find myself with some free time as both the wifey and daughter are down for a nap.  I was perusing some old food pictures and decided (after a short phone meeting with my development team) to post some of my favorite lost food pictures!  Without further ado:

What the hell was I thinking here??  Two Brats no buns...  Lets take a shot glass to some bread, slice up the brats, add some mustard and BAM little slider type brat sandwiches.  Silly just plain silly.

It's been around 100 degrees for what seems like a month.  I am really missing soup weather!  Notice how I Spackle butter on my crusty bread :)  Also, notice my money clip and keys in the background - no wonder I am not a professional photographer.

One of my lovely wife's favorites - everything bagel egg sandwich.

One of the first pics I took with the new DSLR camera.  What you see is a pretzel mobile stuck in a clump of french onion dip with a grilled brat looking on.  Just the other day I was wondering what I did with all the free time I had before we had a kid...

Nothing screams romantic night more than red beans and rice, PBR and candles.  I was lucky that I didn't find myself on the couch that night!

While the wife is away the man eats meat off the bone and forgets about vegetables!  I would be willing to bet the farm that there are numerous empty beer bottles just out of view.

OK this is not really a food pic but that is an oven in someones trunk.  Who needs a pick-up truck?  Not this guy.

1 comment:

  1. those brat sliders look amazing! I will have to try that!