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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Roasted Poblano and "Sweetness" Corn Soup

It is football season, which in our world means it's getting colder.  You can do one of two things...  Bitch about how winter is right around the corner or you can embrace the positives!  This includes but is not limited to: sweatshirts, football, basketball, good TV and FOOD. 

Where does one begin with all the winter fare options?  We will start with SOUP. In particular, the roasted poblano and "sweetness" corn soup.  The "sweetness" (shout out here to Walter Payton) corn only comes around once a year and how amazing it is.  My wonderful wifey sent me a message the other day about this soup she had for lunch.  It was a poblano and corn soup and, Mr. Downtown Chitown Soup Dude, she said my version was mucho bettero!  Yeah, it takes a little time, but overall it's SO EASY.  

What will one need:
poblano peppers - 8 or so
sweet corn - 6 ears or so
one big onion - white was used
milk - 1 cup
chicken broth - 1 cup
salt and pepper
blender - immersion (hand held type)-- you really should have one!!!!
sour cream - for garnish

First, you need to roast the peppers and corn.  I use the grill for this and do it the night before.  Wash the peppers and dry.  Strip the corn and place both on a hot grill.  Keep an eye on them and turn when you have a nice char.  For those who like pictures, here is what we want:

After they are cool, trim off the corn and peel the skin off the peppers.  This should be fairly easy--don't forget to discard the stems and seeds.  If you can get to this stage, you are almost done!  Melt some butter in a large soup pan and sweat some chopped onion and garlic over medium heat.  Toss the peppers and half the corn in and continue to cook for a few (maybe 5) minutes.  I usually add salt, pepper and cumin at this point.  Pour in your milk and chicken broth, stirring until heated.  If all you have is a traditional blender, move the hot soup from the pan to the blender.  That's a pain in the butt and very time consuming.  The handheld allows you to blend while hot right there in the pan to your exact liking.  We got one for Xmas last year and I don't know what I would do without it.  Once you get it to the texture you like, add remaining corn, taste and season accordingly. 

A dollop of sour cream never hurts!  It's a good idea to have some bread on hand for dipping.  Look, this really is easy. Make this soup, you will thank me.

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