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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Tacos with Fish in Them and "Picodaguyo" Topping

I remember when Taco Bell first moved to our town...  Pre intown TB it was nearly impossible to score some real deal Mexican food in our neck of the woods (Amish country). The first time I tasted that hot greasy, cheesy mess, it was love at first crunchy taco! Then they opened a spot in my town and we had a wonderful relationship for the next decade or so.  This day finds me almost completely weened off the Bell, I rarely make a run for the border. 

Now I enjoy making my own Mexican fare.  Around my house, we call it taking a trip to Erico!  On this trip we will be enjoy fish tacos topped with fresh picodaguyo (or pico de gallo for those of you who don't understand the language here in Erico).

Here is what we use:
Onion (red or white) - chopped
some tomatoes - deseeded and chopped
jalapeno - deseeded and chopped
lime - squeezed
cilantro - chopped
green onion - sliced
touch of salt and pepper

After your knife work is done, toss everything in a bowl and cover for a bit.  Let everything come together like hippie folk at a phish show.

Now onto what fueled this post.  Da fish tacos.  I have to sprinkle some sort of Chicago Bear reference in here as tomorrow is their first game of the season.  What one will need for these:

fish - we like cod - cut into one inch cubes
flour seasoned with crushed red pepper, salt and pepper
canola oil

I like to set up an assembly line so once we get started we can keep on rolling. 

Get the oil hot, dredge the fish in the flour mix and give them a nice light fry.

When the fish is done I let them rest on some paper towels.  They will soak up some of the oil keeping the fish nice and crispy.  Next, heat your tortillas.  You can place them in the microwave which works or you could heat them over a flame (grill or gas range) which I suggest you try! 

Now it's time to put these tacos together. 

That there is an authentic fish taco one could find in the country of Erico.

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  1. That there fine sir looks AMAZING!